In Western Massachusetts it is no secret that there’s a lot of lesbians. In fact, it is the first time in my life that there’s more lesbian women than gay men around. The straight men must feel inferior in such an area, which makes me wonder how important is to the define your sexual orientation?

I have always had straight friends, both guy and girl. Of course lots of straight men hit on me, and only naturally since I’m an ultra femme friendly girl. I always get pinned at straight, which can be a completely other blog post. Anyway, after moving to New England I met one straight man that couldn’t accept me for being a lesbian. I don’t mean he couldn’t be friends with me because I was gay, but he did not want to believe that I was actually gay. Obviously, you see why we could not be friends. And I think this may be a prime example of straight men within New England that feel inferior to lesbians. I am not sure whether this means victory for lesbians of New England, but it certainly gives us lots of options! After experiencing this area, I have decided that I could never go back to an area predominately filled with gay men. Or straight men for that matter!

My suggestion to you: When meeting a new straight man living in New England you should make clear you are a lesbian… you will never go bi or straight, you have a girlfriend, your whole family knows and accepts your sexuality, you’re in the local pride parade every year, your girlfriend’s family has a house in Florida, etc. Because sometimes men, especially straight ones, need multiple reasons when confronted with a complex issue such as why lesbians do not like dick.


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