My dad use to always tell me to get online to meet new people, and until a few months ago I thought it was only for single, never-married people above 40.

OkCupid is actually a good way to meet other lesbians, at least in the states that I’ve visited. Beside from the occasional guy impersonating a girl profile, most of the profile users appear to be who they claim to be. Clearly state your intentions within your profile and you won’t have too much trouble finding a new friend of all sorts.

Beware of utilizing the site while meeting multiple people within a new area! I was confronted by my current girlfriend only a few months ago (before we got as serious as we are at the moment) about some friends of hers that I had previously messaged. Most I had sent messages to months before we ever even met, but came back to bite me nevertheless. The odd thing about it was some of those people I had messaged would’ve been friend zoned right from the beginning, yet when brought to my girlfriend’s attention it seemed to take on a different tone.

OkCupid: is it a friend or foe? That may be for the individual user to figure out. However, if it is simple interaction you want then that is what you shall receive.


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