The U-Haul is a very specific term to lesbians.

As it was explained to me by a friend, the U-HAUL is a relationship that happens very quickly between two lesbians. For instance, your first date goes exceptionally well and now you’re seeing each other every single day and when you’re not together you are texting non-stop. In an extreme case the U-Haul lesbians do things within a shorter time period than the majority of society considers “normal”, such as moving in together, planning extensive travels together, and saying “I love you”.

Are all lesbians apart of the U-Haul “effect”? I think most lesbians are guilty of this at some point in their dating, or at least I’d like to believe so.

Have I ever been a U-Haul lesbian? I personally think it’s something that embodies most femme lesbians. Sure, I have been guilty of saying “I love you” when I didn’t really mean it. Sometimes things just are said when you’re in the moment.

What is most important here about U-Haul lesbians? Acknowledge and understand that you are apart of the “effect”, you’ve been guilty of either being that lesbian or knowing someone who is. Don’t hate on U-Haul lesbians because we only are extremely sensitive and want to share our love and affection.



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