Although I choose to remain anonymous within this blog, you will find that I like to reference myself as a princess. This is mostly because I am a princess by default. I am everything girly. I like to paint my nails, wear makeup and dresses, but drop the high heels because I’m wearing flats! I consider myself ultra femme. I’d like to believe that I am desired by the majority of straight men, and I am a lesbian’s dream.

You’ll come to see that I have a sense of humor, or at least I think I do! I love laughing and I love being around people who think I’m funny. I am a liberal and a Democrat, and I enjoy hanging with those of the same. I don’t discriminate but I get along better with people who are not conservative.

Here’s some other random facts about me:
– I’m a daddy’s girl
– I am Broadway show obsessed
– I am a Taurus

Thanks for reading!
❤ the princess


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