This year I have had many changes and obstacles within my life. Here is my 2013 in a nutshell, in bullet points…


  • I began 2013 getting fired from a job that I wasn’t even at for 6 months. I had left my steady job of 8 years for this new position at a different company. Complete loss & first time I was ever unemployed.
  • I dated my first girlfriend in the spring time. That only lasted about 3 months.
  • I went to my first lesbian bar/club. That was a good time.
  • I went to Western Massachusetts to visit family in early July, never intended on staying more than one month, and now I am living here. I “officially” decided to move to Massachusetts in August. A women I had met may have had influenced this decision, but it was mostly because of more work opportunities.
  • I had my first date with a women this year. Many dates with many different women actually.
  • I had my first lesbian sex experience this year, which was amazing for the most part. My Queen does it the best! haha.. save that for another post!
  •  I came out this year to the people who matter the most, which are my dad, brother and some close friends.. Actually I’d say about 90% of my friends know, I just haven’t been back to New Jersey to talk too much about it to the others. I plan to tell my mom about me being gay sometime within the New Year.
  • And finally I have been placed in my career field of choice! It only took moving 300 miles away and 3 years past when I graduated college. HA.


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