For all the thoughts I have in my head, sometimes I really need other people’s input. So here is the current situation…

Queen and I have been spending the last 3 or 4 days together at her place. It’s been business as usual basically, nothing out of the ordinary. We have, however, had a few talks about if we were sick of each other. I asked her if she minded me over so often, and she said if she was sick of me then she’d just tell me. She reassured me that she loves when I am over. Okay then, great, moving on.

After work today she had planned to go out with coworkers. I work until 8pm today and was planning to come over again afterward, all plans that we discussed together a few days ago. So a few hours ago she text messages me asking if I was spending the night tonight at her place. I respond yes and that I was going to spend another night or two at her place, if that was okay with her. She reminds me in the next text message that she has plans with her coworkers, and I let her know that I haven’t forgotten and that it’s no problem as we had discussed it all already. Queen says that now she has to work until 5pm today instead of 2pm and that she didn’t think it was a good idea for me to still come over later. I let her know that I am upset because I have all of my belongings at her apartment. Yes, I have clothing at my place but other things like deodorant, makeup, face wash, and hairbrush are all at her place. In response, Queen tells me that she refuses to push back time with her coworkers, and that I can’t tell her how and when to hang out with her friends.

First of all, I never once said “don’t hang out with your friends”, I would never ever say anything like that. I told Queen that I am very confused because she can still go out with her coworkers after work and be home in time to let me in the door. What is the real problem? I live 40 minutes away from her so I wouldn’t be home til almost 9pm anyway. How much time does she really need to be out drinking? She has work tomorrow morning at 5 anyway!

Queen told me that her and I never had plans for tonight, but I reminded her that us talking a few days ago about me coming over tonight is indeed plans. I asked her why she really doesn’t want to see me tonight. I am guessing that it may be that she is sick of seeing me so often. And if so, I’d like to know somehow other than via text message.

I let Queen know how hurt I was that she choose to tell me through text message that she didn’t want me to sleep over tonight. I also told her I was hurt that she called my reaction to her not being available tonight “dramatic”. I ended it with that I hope she feels it was worth it tonight when she lays down in bed without me.

My question for you is:
How would you of handled this situation?

2 thoughts on “A CHANGE OF PLANS


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