I have high hopes for 2014. I am in a completely different atmosphere than what I’ve been use to in New Jersey. I am making new friends, working a new job, and enjoying (most) moments with my significant other. Here are some of my hopes, goals, and just “to dos” for 2014!


This winter season:

  • I want to go to a ski resort for one weekend. I have never tried winter sports and I’d like to try at least once. I especially think I’d like hiking with those oversized snow shoes.
  • Research a local hospital that deals with cancer and find out how I can volunteer my time with them.
  • Pick up a book. That has been awhile!


This spring/summer season:

  • Go camping at least 3 weekends.. Vermont and the Berkshires are ideal.
  • Visit NJ (hopefully with my Queen if we are still together) and go to my favorite beach EVER.. Ocean City NJ!!
  • Find out about local colleges where I may attend to work on my Graduate degree. I am thinking UMASS, but I need to look into it.


Long term hopes for the end of the 2014 year:

  • Move out of my grandma’s condo and into my own apartment.
  • Save money!! At least $3,000 for my savings would be ideal.
  • Pay off at least 80% of my credit card
  • If things go well with my Queen I’d love to move into an apartment together.
  • Reunite my cat (that’s in Mass) and dog (that’s still in NJ at my mom’s) in our new apartment. I miss my animals together!!


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