First of all, I have to admit that I am very open about talking about sex. I am usually the first one of my group of friends to make any kind of sex joke. I don’t typically make people uncomfortable either so that’s good. I’d hate to be that creepy friend that talks about sex. I’d much rather be the hot femme that talks about sex. HA.

SOO.. I was talking with my straight guy friend the other week about sex. I was telling him how the best sex I have ever had has been with my Queen. It is just mind-blowing, seriously just take my word for it. It was the funniest thing because he replied by saying, “lesbian sex.. that’s gotta be awesome”. I immediately thought he was probably envisioning some type of fake lesbian porno. I went over Queen’s that night and told her about our convo. We laughed about it too. It was true though, lesbian sex is amazing.

Now let me break it down for you right now. I’ve been with about 7 women. I say about because I don’t think one really counted, but whatever. Every women I’ve had sex with has been a completely different experience, which being a “new lesbian” it actually surprised me. I know that’s silly. My first girlfriend really doesn’t even deserve mentioning, however she was my first for many things. Before her I had never eaten out a women or even been eaten out by another women. The same thing with fingering and the classic scissoring as well. I got her off every single time too, and ooh did that make me feel proud. The largest problem with having sex with her though was that she could never get me off! I mean what a disappointment. She had a great body, large boobs.. although I didn’t like how large her areolas were.. kinda gross actually.

My Queen is hands down the best I’ve ever had and the best part about it is that she says I am the best she’s ever had. I believe her too. And that’s where I will leave this post.

AMEN for awesome lesbian sex!


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