My trip to New Jersey with Queen went amazingly! I had some doubts at first. I was really nervous for my mom to meet her because my mom is a drunk, plus she doesn’t know I am gay. BUT my mom actually loved Queen and called me out on being gay during our visit! Ha! So my mom knows that I am gay now. I am relieved.

Queen meet a few of my close friends during our trip. They all liked her, which I was so happy about. One night we went out to my favorite dive bar and the next to another that has really amazing chicken wings. I am a vegetarian but when I go to New Jersey I just cannot resist the chicken wings at the dive bars! We took a day trip over to Philly with one of my best friends and her 3 year old daughter. It was a lot of fun. We walked part of the Gayborhood and all of South Street down to Penns Landing. While we were in Philly me and my best friend got our palms read. She went first and it was pretty spot on, I thought anyway, so I got mine done also. Okay, don’t judge me now.. the psychic said that Queen is THE ONE! She also said that my ex still thinks about me, which I could care less because HE and I will never be in a romantic relationship ever again. The psychic told me that Queen has a lot of “layers” and that she’s a very complicated person, more so than I am. I completely agree with that.

Queen and I ventured back to Western New England after battling a snow storm. It took us 13 hours to get back! I cannot believe we did it. We are completely out of our minds to have driven all that, terrible weather, cars were spinning out of control, etc. It was completely frustrating because we just wanted to me “home”. But we never got sick of each other, and I actually feel that we both feel closer to each other after our trip. It’s been a wonderful experience. I am so in love, more so than I ever could’ve imagined possible.


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