Queen and I have reached an obstacle in our relationship. Queen’s roommate told her on Monday that if I don’t stop coming over so often then she won’t pay half the rent. I can no clue her roommate felt so strongly about me being there. She says she doesn’t like me being there without Queen home, but Queen goes to work at 4:430am and I an not getting my ass outta bed to drive back home at that hour. It wouldn’t even be worth spending the night at that point. Queen’s roommate also said that I have more stuff at the apartment then she does, well,  I don’t know about all that. Queen and I had a conversation a few weeks ago about spending less time together to give us time to miss each other, but after the Jersey visit it’s just been non-stop. We want to spend every moment together, we know we want to move in together when her lease is up, and we are completely committed to each other. Now I somewhat feel like our relationship is on her roommate’s terms.

I completely understand someone needing space, I totally don’t want to intrude on anyone. I would never mindful get in someone’s space if they didn’t want it anyway. I feel really awkward to be around Queen’s roommate now. This is the second time she’s said something about me behind my back to Queen. The first time was only a few weeks ago when she told Queen that I am loud in the morning and that I wake her up. Well, of course I had no clue because nobody ever says anything to me! I knew something had to be up though because a few times I’ve said, “good morning”, to her roommate and she just looks at me with an evil eye and a blank face. LOL, I just think “oookkk…..”. I confronted her about it after she told Queen I keep her awake every morning I’m over. I apologized to her for waking her up and I told her that I had no clue because Queen had always said she was a heavy sleeper. Queen’s roommate looked at me expressionless and with stink eye, standing in the kitchen she walked straight to be bedroom – no lie, I thought she was so rude. She came out of her bedroom about 15 minutes later and apologized to me, telling me that when she first wakes up she isn’t as cheerful as I am and that she doesn’t want me to get the wrong impression.

So this ultimatum was only put in place a few days ago. Me and Queen since then had canceled seeing each other on Tuesday, which today she is just saying was my idea. We decided we’d see each other next Monday since she’s busy Saturday and Sunday night this week. Yesterday she called me and wanted me to come spend the night on Friday, but I do not feel comfortable being around her roommate after all this bull crap. I feel like she’s got something seriously against me, because she being so fucking passive aggressive towards me. I do not like that shit. Now Queen is stressed out, taking stupid shit out on me, and all pissed at me right now because I told her I won’t come over tomorrow night, in part because of her roommate.

Look, I completely understand where Queen’s roommate is coming from. She wants her privacy because she pays rent there. I am in no way arguing that she doesn’t have a point. Her message is clear but her delivery fucking sucks, basically.

This could be a nice way to get out and do more things with Queen. Force us onto dates and for her to come to Mass more often, because I am ALWAYS going to CT (she’d totally tell you different, but she hasn’t visited me in Mass for at least one month). She has just been so bitchy since Monday, but especially today. I had to literally shut off my phone because I was about to either cry or say something I’d regret.



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