Since moving to Western Massachusetts in July 2013 I have worked two different jobs. I have almost ten years experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant, and just my luck that PCA (Personal Care Assistant) work is ample here. Currently, I have been working at a group home for adults with dual disorders (substance abuse & mental illness). It is the first time since graduating college that I’ve been able to put my degree in Behavioral Science to use. I graduated three years ago- it has taken me this long!

It has taken me so long to get a single job in the field of mental health, the field I thought I’d be thriving in. I don’t know if it is just my current boss or just the way this non-profit is being ran, but my experience so far hasn’t been what I was expecting. I have only been working in the group home for 3 months, but I don’t feel I’m progressing the way I’d hope. I don’t even feel like I am learning a lot. There is a lot of down time and my boss for the most part is in complete denial of that fact. There is absolutely nothing productive to do probably 5-6 hours out of an 8 hour shift. I don’t have many coworkers, we are actually short staffed. Before I got hired there have been about 5 people that have come and gone within one year.

At this point in my life I want stability out of a workplace. I want to be employed somewhere where I can grow and I can make good money. I want to start a family in the next 5 years, so more than ever I need something solid. Today I applied to one of the biggest insurance companies around here. I hope that I get the job. It’s only entry level, but it’s a company I could retire from. I have a friend who works there and is giving me a reference.

*fingers crossed*


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