Queen and I are planning a trip to NYC the day after her 26th birthday.  Actually I’m planning it, but I don’t mind at all. I’m also paying for all of it, which I don’t mind either. I really want to treat Queen to a really fun and memorable trip. SO here is our itinerary:

  • We are taking the MegaBus from CT into NYC, $38 for two people and only $2 total on route back home!
  • We are both up for a new experience by staying overnight at a hostel in the Chelsea area. After some research I’ve found that hostels in general are typically “dorm” like with community bathrooms. Since your typical NYC hotel room can run $300 per night, we are willing to take our chances trying something new. However, this particular hostel that Queen and I are staying at has few private rooms with private bathrooms. And if we are lucky we may have one private accommodation that includes a view of Madison Square Garden! I paid $160 for one night but the best thing is we are only 5 minutes walking distance from the theatre district in NY!!
  • When we arrive we will probably have about two hours to walk around the city, do whatever we’d like. It’s the only portion of the trip that is unplanned. For dinner Queen and I will go to either  Gotham Bistro, located at the Four Points Sheraton or The Gastro Bar at 35th, which is a Spanish three star restaurant. I purchased some cards from during Christmas and two I had designated for date nights with Queen. We will use $50 from that toward dinner that night. I am so excited to eat here with my beautiful girlfriend!
  • WE ARE SEEING A BROADWAY SHOW!!!!!! There is a new show opening with Idina Menzel and Anthony Rapp, two of my favorites of theatre! Queen and I are going to see the new show called IF/THEN during it’s preview showing, we are in Orchestra seating, row G to the right of the stage. The seats are amazing and I paid $199 for two tickets. There is very little media available for this show but what is there I am completely falling in love with. (see video below)
  • After the show our night remains unplanned again. And we return to CT by the early afternoon the day after.

*The video below is from the new musical IF/THEN. I LOVE Anthony Rapp, who I also saw in the musical RENT. This song is so beautiful!!


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