Last weekend Queen and I had the same days off from work, and we had a wonderful few days together! Last Saturday evening we joined a couple for a double date to see a community theatre show of Cabaret. On Sunday we went ice skating at a local university, it was both of our first times but I was so much more terrible than her! I kept on falling and I couldn’t get myself up. It was so funny and we had a fun time. Sunday night Queen slept over my grandma’s house for the first time with me. By the way, my grandma and I had “the talk” and she is completely fine with me dating Queen. On Monday we went to a local farm to feed the animals before going to have lunch in Northampton, Mass. Queen had football practice Monday night and I was planning on leaving Tuesday and not seeing her again until Sunday, but I ended up coming back over after work on Tuesday. Over the last few days Queen and I have had some really difficult conversations that have made us so much stronger as a couple. I have never been so happy in a relationship than I am with her. She is truly the best thing that’s happened to me in so long!


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