When Queen and I see each other it has typically been me driving to her. I’ve never really minded doing it in the past, well, maybe a few times. But now I’m questioning whether I’m putting in too much for the relationship, and not even getting an effort back.

Queen’s car is a piece of shit. It’s old, it’s loud, and it’s ugly. She has plans to buy a new car but she has financial issues. She says she has financial issues yet I see her spending money on less essential things such as concert tickets, going out to drink and eat, and buying a Beats by Dre headphone set that retails $300. When I try to talk to her about her finances, just to give simple advice, no judgement, she gets all jumpy. Just recently Queen said she’d found a car dealership where she’d only need $8 as down payment.  It sounds sketchy to me but I don’t know.

It takes me about 40 minutes to get from where I’m staying (at my grandma’s place) to Queen’s apartment, that’s about 30 miles away. I typically drive back and forth from her place 3-4 times per week. That’s a lot of driving. I have to leave 40 minutes early for work, but when I’m at my grandma’s I only need to leave 10 minutes before the start of work. I feel like I do a lot for Queen simply by driving all the time. And when I’m at her place we always take my car when we go out somewhere. She even takes my car when she leaves Monday nights for football practice. It’s just all catching up to me now.

Am I overthinking things like I feel I usually do??

3 thoughts on “GOING THE DISTANCE

  1. New reader here; I don’t think you’re, at all, in over thought of this. Traveling, whether it’s 40min or hours, to see your love or anyone, can and will take toll on someone. I’ve experienced it and told myself I wouldn’t travel that far if people aren’t willing to visit me and see what torture I go to in order to hangout with them. Has Queen visited you at all? Or she doesn’t do it quite as often?

    • Hello new reader, thanks for reading! 🙂
      To answer you questions… In Queen’s defense and my bad because I should have mentioned when I wrote this, but Queen does work very long hours and usually 6 days per week. That considered, Queen has visited me in Mass but it has been less than a hand full at this point. I am hoping to get her to Mass more, especially during the summertime!!


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