I am still new to the whole gay/lesbian world. I have come out about 90% to my family members (including extended) since early this year, and with all the great feelings that come with that I have also recently encountered the stereotypes from “straight people”. I have begun experiencing bad looks, stares, and negative feedback while in public with Queen, and it really bothers me a lot sometimes. I love Queen and I’d never even consider leaving her because of those negatives, but it does get me thinking.

The other day I posted on my Facebook wall a link to a quiz I took about “what type of relationship couple are you”, or something to that extent, and Queen and I got Michelle & Barack Obama. A friend who I made since moving to Mass commented on that post to ask if I was Michelle. That was an experience for me. It really bothers me but I haven’t said anything to this friend about it directly. I just replied “idk it doesn’t matter”. I heard nothing back from them after that. I talked to Queen about it and she said it wasn’t a big deal, but it is to me! I think that type of comment is so ignorant and offensive . But actually, the craziest thing about that comment is I was that person before. Before I starting dating women someone could say I was ignorant to certain stereotypes.

I know that there will be many more times to come when I will feel negatively judged due to my sexuality. I need to find new ways to cope with different situations. Any advice?!? Please leave a comment.

2 thoughts on “WHO’S THE MAN?

  1. Who do you want to be? Maybe you have to figure that out first? But as Queen said, it isn’t a big deal and it shouldn’t supposed to be, right? Another thing is, there doesn’t need to be a “man” and a “women” in a relationship. I can’t give you really good advice, but maybe these are some things to think about?

    Kind regards, Achas

    • Hey Achas,
      Thank you for commenting on this! I completely agree with you, there doesn’t need to be a “man” or “woman” to have a relationship. But there is a stereotype. I know that I am a lesbian and that I enjoy women more than men, and that I love Queen and I am happy with her. I think right now I am just struggling being comfortable with that, and when negativity arises. However, I do truly believe that one day I will be comfortable. I do tell myself that this is just a learning experience.
      You do give me things to think about, which is great. Thanks again for reading!


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