Queen is turning 26 on Saturday. That night she has planned to go to Hartford with her friends. From the beginning I really didn’t want to go, for two reasons: one, I wanted her to have a good night out with just her friends and two, it’s a club and I am really not into clubs. However, only recently I’ve given in and said that I would go. Queen really wants me to go.

There are a lot of reasons why I don’t enjoy clubs, mostly because of the obvious: the are loud, I don’t dance, people get to be a drunk sloppy mess, and you end up staying out too late for my taste. I guess I’m just getting old, or maybe I’m just genuinely over that “scene”. I am all about the dive bars! But clubs not so much. Anyway, yesterday I talked on Facebook to Queen’s brother who lives in Mass and got him to come along. He doesn’t dance so he said he’d stick with me that night, and I am so relieved now. But the best part is that Queen doesn’t know he’s coming, and she’s going to be so surprised!!

Overall, I know I just need to get it together for Queen’s birthday. I feel like somehow I am being selfish and I should just go out and enjoy myself for her sake. Take one for the team (the relationship). I am being dramatic, I know. I can do this. And we leave for NYC the next day! Look forward to good things, all the time.

I welcome all words of encouragement! haha.

2 thoughts on “QUEEN’S BDAY

  1. I get the impression that the ‘you’ is being compromised to the point where there appears to be an element of surrender. Love is not looking at each other….it is looking in the same direction. Hope you enjoy and love being you and Queen may need to step down a notch from Queen to Comrade. Regardless hope you both enjoy her special day.

    • Thank you for responding. I think you may have a valid point. I have been feeling lately that I need to find myself within the relationship. But I do believe our roles within the relationship are still being developed, and as we progress things will fall in their unique place.
      By the way, I smiled ear to ear when I read your comment “Queen may need to step down a notch from Queen to Comrade”. She actually wouldn’t like it if I started calling her “Queen” to her face. However, for writing in this blog I use the word lovingly 😉


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