Last night Queen and I had a really beautiful night in New York City! We began our trip from Hartford to NYC on the Mega Bus. We checked in to the Chelsea Star Hostel in walking distance to Madison Square Garden. And we had dinner at The Gastro Bar at 35th Street, which was all within walking distance to the Richard Rodgers Theatre where we saw a brand new show called If/Then. If/Then starred Idina Menzel and costarred with Anthony Rapp. We saw one of the gay guys from Sex & The City at the show!! I literally grabbed his arm and couldn’t find the words to say. Queen told me to stop touching people I don’t know, lol it was soo funny. Queen and I ALSO sat in back of Abby Miller from Dance Moms!! SO crazy!! It was a wonderful night!

During dinner Queen and I had a good talk about the night before, her birthday, the epic fail of a night for our relationship. ((Please click here for a recap)). We talked and I really explained to Queen my concerns, not just from that night but how it made me worry about our long term relationship potential if it were to persist. I told Queen that I worried that if we were to get married and have children and these drunken black out nights happened then that just wouldn’t be an ideal situation. I mean really, come on, she understands. She is a genuinely good person and she did genuinely listen to and validate my concerns about the night before. I really appreciated that. I needed that actually. However, I still feel like we have taken a few steps back in our relationship because of that night. I still feel like Queen isn’t as sure about her feelings for me as I am to her. I plan to proceed with caution for a little while, at least until we actually move in together.

Here are some photos from the night:


Idina Menzel & Anthony Rapp


Idina Menzel autographed my playbill!!


Anthony Rapp autographed my playbill and also laughed at comment/joke I made about a song I love that he sang during the show that I’ve been watching on Youtube – it was uploaded illegally online apparently lol, ooops.


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