I’ve been living in Western Massachusetts permanently since July 10th, 2013. Before my father moved to New Jersey while serving in the military, he grew up in Western Mass. I have most of my extended family on my father’s side living all in New England area. I grew up in New Jersey though, South Jersey to be exact. I’ve always been about 10 miles away from Philadelphia, about 70 minutes from Atlantic City, and only a few minutes away from at least two Wawa. I really miss Ocean City, NJ. It’s my all time favorite beach! I really want to go to OC (Ocean City) over the summer!

By the way, us South Jersey people do like to abbreviate certain places like:

We also have certain slang words/phrases we use that is influenced by Philadelphia:

  • Hoagie = Sub/Sandwich on a long roll
  • Philly = Philadelphia (It’s not often you’ll hear someone in the area saying the full city name)
  • Bangin’ = Something is really good

Now that I’ve said that I will continue to use my Jersey language in future posts! 🙂


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