I’ve always been a fan of  amazing marijuana. I’ve been smoking weed for many years now. It’s mostly been a social thing whenever I go out and if it’s available, but sometimes I like to smoke alone too. I’m not trying to hurt anybody, convince anyone to smoke with me, or even make a profit from it. I just like to smoke sometimes, and sometimes often. Well, Queen doesn’t approve. Before Queen and I began dating she told me she wanted me to quit. I have tried and I cut down significantly. Queen found out recently that I had smoked weed with one of my new friends here in Mass, and she wasn’t happy. It really bothered me how hurt she was by it. Queen cried and I felt so bad! Of course I’ll completely stop smoking weed for Queen, but I like to smoke.. ugh lol, it sucks!! Queen has good reason to not want to date anybody that does any type of drugs, she’s had really bad experiences with her family involving that. I want to make Queen happy and quit smoking completely. It’s so difficult because sometimes I feel I’d rather smoke weed than drink alcohol. It beats the calories anyway as long as I don’t eat too much afterward. Haha!

What do you think about smoking weed?


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