I met a very intriguing and very cute butch farm girl. We’ve met up two times now with a third “date” that was canceled and never rescheduled. She is emotionally unavailable as she is getting out of a relationship where her girlfriend left her for someone else. We still chat via text message now and then. She can be cocky at times and it reminds me of Queen. There is no realistic romantic relationship potential here.

She is 25 years old, 5’4, short buzzed cut hair, looks more like a man than a woman, she identifies as lesbian and came out at 12 years old. Our “dates” have consisted of drinks and/or food, and we split the bill each time (my request). I never even kissed her for fear if I ended up liking her more than wanting to date I would be a “rebound“. Considering her recent breakup, which was only two weeks before we began chatting, I found that a very likely situation. Her appearance is exactly my “type”, she’s very good looking and is confidently sexy in her sexuality.

She’s in the military and works on her family’s farm. She milks a cow twice a day, raises cattle for beef, and has pigs and goats also on the farm. I haven’t actually seen this farm in person, but hoped she would invite me. Maybe one day. I love animals and visiting farms, it just reaffirms my love for this area. She is from Connecticut by the way. It seems like all the women I “date” are from there.

What I found most intriguing about the farm girl is her ambition and the obvious lifestyle difference (living and working on a farm). Her family not only raises cattle for beef but they are attempting to introduce a new breed of cattle for beef. Very interesting I think. And her family plans to open a restaurant where they’d serve the beef. They already make a living selling the beef straight from the farm right now.

Again, the farm girl is very much emotionally unavailable, and it’s not just because of a recent breakup. Currently, her father has a deadly liver disease and her mother was more recently diagnosed with a severe type of Melanoma. She is a caregiver to both. It is a lot for someone to deal with. I know first hand how devastating cancer is. I want to be there for her as a friend and I have already established boundaries so I do not become the “rebound”. As of right now, we are on the same page and it is time for me to move on to the next girl, next date!


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