Urban Dictionary defines an ‘open relationship’ as:
A relationship in which two people agree that they want to be together, but can’t exactly promise that they won’t see other people too. Basically, to have it all: a significant other and the freedom to hook up with other people.

Since moving to Western Mass I am noticing many more people in “open relationships”. I personally could not do that myself, but I completely accept whoever chooses it for their own. I’ve made friends with a couple recently who I will call Mane and Jane. They have been together almost one year and they have an open relationship. I think Jane is cute. She’s really not my typical “type” as she’s short, curvy, femme with long blonde hair. Mane and Jane have previously had a threesome with a mutual friend of ours. And for whatever reason, there’s such an awkwardness between that mutual friend and that specific event. But, that’s besides the point I want to discuss.

I recently got “permission” from Mane to make out with Jane. I haven’t talked to Jane about it directly, but I assume Mane has. Oddly, this situation makes me feel both dominant and very shy. I know Jane has not been with many women, but that’s not any added pressure to me. My problem is that I get so shy when it comes to making the first move. It helps to have a few drinks but that could also ruin a night as well! Mane and Jane are coming camping with me this summer. I think I’ll make it a goal to make out with Jane before that time. By the way, this does NOT include Mane. I already let him know that I am not interested, and that includes for his viewing pleasure also!

Any tips, suggestions, and/or comments?!?


  1. Having been one of those open relationship sorts myself I can say this is only a good idea if your friends are in a seriously stable comfort zone with each other and understand your limitations.


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