Last weekend I hosted a fire at my new place. I invited some friends of mine and a girl who I had been talking to online on and off for about 6 months. Her name is Kim, and she brought her best friend/roommate with her too. Her best friend’s name is Simon. It was a really fun time. We drank, smoked weed, and talked and laughed well past midnight. Long story short, I ended up making out with Simon. I was really feeling her energy. And her kiss was amazing! Well, Kim ended up waking up from the drunk nap she was taking on my bed and they both ended up leaving at 3:30AM. I didn’t say a word to her, I just looked at Simon, and asked if her friend was okay. Looking into Simon’s eyes was unreal. There was something there. I felt something.

Simon has short black hair, she’s originally a blonde though. She’s short compared to me. She’s 5’3 (I think) and I am 5’8. She’s got a cute semi-curvy body, a nice smile, and a cute laugh. She has clever jokes, and was very personable.

I ended up texting Kim about 20 minutes after they both left, and I asked Kim to give Simon my phone number and apologized for if I had hurt her. No reply, but that was expected. I had nothing to loose though. So I sent Simon a private message on Facebook too asking that she contact me if she wanted to hang out again. They were coming from 2 hours away, please note.

Long story short, Simon got back to me. We ended up texting each other and talking on the phone almost every single day for 5 days straight. We talked on the phone for hours. One night we talked for 3 hours until midnight, and I haven’t done that since high school! We didn’t always get into deep conversations, but it was never boring and I never wanted to end the call.

Simon is originally from California but has been living in Massachusetts (near Boston) for 5 years. She decided to go back to California after her mother got sick with COPD. Simon has been dating the same woman for the past 4 years, and they lived together for some time. Simon said that her girlfriend needed to deal with some family issues out of state, so they currently have been in an “open relationship” for the last 8 months. They’ve only seen each other once within that time.

This weekend Simon came over to see me. We had an amazing weekend together. On Friday we drank, smoked weed, and laughed and had awesome sex. On Saturday we went to the beach with three of my very good friends. We had an absolute blast at the beach! My friends loved her and said she was super cute for a butch girl, and asked if there’s any way to talk her into staying. Simon is moving to California, and this weekend was her last in Massachusetts. She actually spent two more nights in Massachusetts because of me, because she wanted to see me.

We held hands, flirted, kissed, and laughed all day together. Simon asked me, “why have you been in New Jersey my whole life?” Simon was so refreshing to be around because she made me laugh, made me feel special by telling me how pretty I was or how much fun she was having out with me and my friends, and I felt so comfortable around her. Simon kept telling me all weekend how much she liked “my balls”, which I explained was my Jersey Girl origins. And when we looked at each other, there was something. I didn’t say anything, no need, because she was moving and had some kind of girlfriend drama, this was not a potential relationship happening.



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