I had sex with Jane the other night while camping with Mane. It was really good but I don’t think it’ll happen again.

Jane, Mane, and I were drinking  all night. We were wasted. Mane had fallen asleep and Jane and I just started kissing. We were laying right next to Mane! I was touching Mane’s boobs, which are so nice because they are large and perky with normal sized areolas. Jane really shocked me because she went down on me, and she was good! I didn’t think Jane had been with many women, so I was a pleasantly surprised. At some point Jane had woken Mane up. I didn’t realize it at the time, but Jane told me the next morning that she was giving Mane a hand job while she was fingering me. I busted out laughing. Jane really did a lot of work last night. I didn’t even go down on her. And I think Mane grabbed my boob. He said the next day that he just saw boobs and reached. He’s so funny.

Jane and Mane are two of my really good friends here in Western Mass. They are so much fun to be around. We haven’t even known each other very long, less than one year. This summer we’ve already gone to the beach, camping twice, had pit fires at my place, and out to a ton of bars. These are people that I feel I will be friends with for a very long time.

I don’t have a good reason why I don’t think I’ll have sex with Jane again. Maybe because I really just like her as a friend.


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