I have reached yet another milestone in lesbian culture. I was someone’s first.

She’s femme, 19 years old (yea, I know), and had awesome boobs. Actually, there’s really not too much more to say in addition to that. We didn’t have a connection and it was mostly just about sex. I haven’t contacted her too much after and she hasn’t been blowing up my phone either.

The sex wasn’t the worst for me, and certainly not the best. I am pretty sure she enjoyed it though because when I went down on her she kept saying, “oh my god”. It was pretty awesome. She even made me cum a few times too. However, she needs serious coaching on eating and fingering.

I keep finding myself in “flings”. I don’t really mind it either. I am single and I may as well make the best of it! And the beautiful thing about it is, the feeling is mutual with the women I’ve slept with. There isn’t any awkwardness or displaced feelings. Friends before sex are still friends. Random young femme women are still just a fling.

Life is pretty great 🙂


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