This lesbian check list does not apply to appearance but attitude. It is based solely on my personal experience within the lesbian community.

  1. Confidence that at times may come off as cocky
  2. The ability to dance like Ellen DeGeneres
  3. Charisma to entice the straightest of straight women
  4. The majority of your friends are lesbians and you’ve slept with half of them
  5. You’ve dated at least one bi girl that’s broken your heart
  6. You’ve had a one night stand with someone you met at a gay bar/club
  7. You asked your girlfriend of less than 6 months to move in with you
  8. You have pets and treat them as your children
  9. The thought of a penis repulses you
  10. You have at least one ex-girlfriend horror story



  1. One day I will be gay enough to tick all the boxes on at least one of these checklists…today is not that day, tomorrow isn’t looking good either. 2 out of 10, my girlfriend would be horrified ;).
    Nice list hun, these have mostly been true my experience also.


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