You’re in a relationship and you’re a lesbian.

The following are based on my personal experience and personal viewpoint of the lesbian community:

She’s just not that into you, if…

  1. She won’t post her relationship status with you on Facebook
  2. She won’t post pictures with you on Facebook, or tag you in statuses
  3. You’ve been dating for 3 months and you haven’t met the family
  4. You’ve been dating for 1 month and you haven’t met the friends
  5. You’ve been dating for 6 months and she refuses to have a conversation about moving in together
  6. She’s wicked passive aggressive
  7. She’s wicked passive
  8. You feel like you can’t get a straight answer
  9. You’re only hanging out to have sex
  10. You tell yourself you’re just going to hang out and you really believe you’re “just friends”, but sex happens every single time




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