Last night I had a date with the farm girl that I had previously referred to as “Cocky”. I am on the fence about her and her name. See post RETURN OF THE FARM GIRL

The farm girl is very intriguing. She is so my type, very butch but she likes being a woman, cute smile, good skin, dresses well, hot body, and good sense of humor. She is a mystery at the same time though, and she has even told me herself that she is complicated.

Complicated could mean so many things. Everything is all still yet to be determined between her and I. But I am seeing her again either this Tuesday or Wednesday! I am really excited. I don’t know yet what we are going to do. Our dates so far haven’t even been that exciting, but I like talking to her, just being around her really. I don’t know if there’s something more there. Like I said, everything is all still yet to be determined.

We kissed last night and it was awesome! Nothing else though. In the lesbian world, farm girl and I are moving at snail pace. Technically we have had 4 dates so far, and we’ve known each other 3 months but haven’t talked for past 2 months. In the lesbian world, we should’ve had sex by now. lol. I definitely feel like I am working up to this one. Because she is my type, I don’t want to set myself up for a heartbreak. Plus, she has said that she doesn’t want a relationship right now. I won’t be the one to pressure her!

She’s sooooo cute!!!!


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