So I took this list from a previous post called, THE 19-YEAR-OLD, because I feel it needed more visibility.

So, I want to share with you some important things to keep in mind when “seeing” someone significantly younger than yourself. These are kind of general guidelines that I keep mindful of and maybe it’ll help you if you’re ever in a “fling” or “friends with benefits” situation. In my case, this typically pertains to women between the ages of 18-24. If this were to pertain to someone my age (28 currently) then I’d say.. That’s sad.

1. The only expectation should be NO expectation. You have already established this isn’t going anywhere significantly meaningful, so don’t loose yourself!
2. As difficult as it may be sometimes, DO NOT make judgmental comments on their own personal choices. Even if you’ve been through the same difficulties, choose your words carefully and remain unbiased. You may only get resentment for taking a seemingly “parental approach”.
3. If you’re dating other people, they should be too. Encourage her to date others if she’s not so she doesn’t get clingy. Don’t blow up her phone with a million text messages and calls either, because that just sends mixed signals.
4. I wouldn’t advise letting her meet your friends since it may give her the wrong impression of your “fling” situation. But if you do, just keep it at a minimal. Nights out when there’s a group of 5 of more are good because you can both socialize without feeling obligated to entertain each other.
5. Be careful having sex! I think it’s normal to feel more “connected” to someone once you have sex, just don’t get those feelings mixed up with false hope for a relationship.



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