10 Things You Should Stop Saying To LGBTQ People

Thought Catalog

OITNB Orange Is The New Black

I’d be surprised if the majority of this wasn’t meant jokingly or rather was the result of genuine unawareness that it could be hurtful. Let’s establish this, because I do not think that people intend to upset those who are close to them, especially when they come out (though sadly, that isn’t always the case, I’m just giving y’all the benefit of the doubt.)

These ten statements are things people usually reach for as a means of showing someone that they accept them, though they are objectively doing the opposite. Some of them can pack a very specific punch, one that goes right to all the repressed feelings that are still lightly tainted with embarrassment and shame and isolation. There’s no pointing fingers here, just discussing ways that we could all stand to be a bit more accommodating to those who are already displaced by a society who…

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