The following is based solely on my personal opinion and personal experience within the lesbian community…

If you’re a lesbian and dating, you may be familiar with the passive lesbian.

She’s not that into you, if:

  1. You’ve been talking on social media/dating website for one week and haven’t met in-person
  2. She won’t give you a straight answer about meeting you in-person
  3. She doesn’t respond to your messages. Tip: Give up after 24 hours.
  4. She doesn’t kiss you after the 2nd date
  5. 48 hours have passed since you first met and you haven’t heard from her
  6. She doesn’t want to hold hands after the 5th date
  7. She doesn’t text you “good morning” and/or “goodnight”
  8. You are always first to initiate a conversation
  9. You haven’t met her friends after the 3rd date
  10. She always wants to meet you at a bar



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