I was out this Saturday night for Mane’s birthday with him and a few other mutual friends. Some girl from a date months ago came out too with the girl she’s DATING now. Dating as in learning each other’s interests, going out on dates, kissing and probably having sex, but there is no monogamy or serious relationship. Oddly enough, both of their names are Maxi. One girl is brunette and the other is blonde. Blonde Maxi I went on one date with a few months ago. We didn’t have a connection, she’s not my type, she’s heavy and femme, and I thought we’d be best as friends. She turned to be more of a casual acquaintance, but Mane had hung out with her a few times since our date so he invited her. No problem, fine.


The problem was that Blonde Maxi told me and that Brunette Maxi is her “girlfriend”. Okay, got it. But when Blonde Maxi began dancing sexy with Mane and they began kissing in the bar, I got confused. So I pulled Brunette Maxi in the bathroom with me and I asked whether or not they are “girlfriends”. She said, “no, we are just dating”. I told her about what Mane and Maxi are doing out on the dance floor, and I told her I thought she was cute. Brunette repeated again that her and Blonde Maxi are not in a committed relationship. Okay, moving on.

Brunette Maxi and I continued talking in the bar, just casual conversation for the most part. Now and then I’d mention again about Mane and Blonde Maxi on the dance floor, because they continued to kiss and dance with each other for the next 30 minutes. Brunette Maxi and I got some laughs out of it.


Brunette Maxi was cute, semi-butch, Boston accent, tan skin, in good shape, and a little bit shorter than me.

I asked Brunette Maxi to the bathroom several times that night, and each time we kissed. We continued to kiss even after the bar when we all moved from the bar to a friend’s apartment nearby. We sat outside with a few other people, Blonde Maxi upstairs in the apartment, I put my hand up her shirt and lightly touched her on top of her leggings.

Brunette Maxi said that Blonde Maxi said that I was, “after Brunette Maxi”. I just laughed. Brunette Maxi said that she wants to take me out on a date. I wouldn’t mind a date, but I tried to make it as clear as possible that I was only interested in sex. Brunette Maxi is actually coming over tonight. lol! I did ask her to speak with Blonde Maxi beforehand though, and clarify their relationship status so that nothing gets weird since we do have a mutual friend.

Was that story confusing enough? #truestoryproblems





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