If you are a lesbian that likes a masculine lesbian, then you need to see a drag king show!

Urban Dictionary defines a “drag king” as:

“An individual who performs masculinity, by means of dress and mannerism, typically for public performance and entertainment”

There is a club near me that has drag king shows. There aren’t many drag kings there, but one of them is a friend of mine. Her stage name is Justin, after Justin Timberlake. Justin normally dresses masculine by wearing button downs and ties, and I doubt she’s ever worn a dress in her entire life. For the show she’ll paint on facial hair, conture her face with makeup, dance, and sometimes performs with other people. It’s really sexy. I like drag kings a lot. And Justin looks good doing it.


The drag king shows I’ve seen also have a drag queen show too. The club nearby me has “drag war” shows. The drag war show is a competition between drag kings and drag queens. There are usually more drag queens than kings, but at least it’s something. It almost makes it that much more exciting to watch.

So if you’re a lesbian or just appreciate good LGBT entertainment, then you have to go to a drag show!


… And if you’re a femme, then it will also be “fem-tastic”!



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