Cocky aka The Farm Girl has disappeared on me again. We were suppose to hang out on Saturday night at my friend’s birthday party. It was also doubling as a date. We were texting each other until the late morning day of. I sent her a text at 2:30pm asking what time she’d be over, no response. I sent her a text around 7:30pm asking if she was still coming over, no response. It has been about 48 hours, and this is the end.

A part of me believes that I shouldn’t be surprised. She’s done this before a few months ago when we first met. We went on 2 and then nothing for about two months. She contacted me again about one month ago, saying that her mind was clear of her previous relationship ending, and she had dated some girls but enjoyed our dates the best. That got her 2 more dates recently and a kiss. We had just established that we are dating, not monogamous, just getting to know each other, and we are each other’s type.


This is the second time she’s disappeared on me, and this will be the last time.



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