I would describe myself as Southern New Jersey Girl Next Door Femme. My ideal type of butch lesbian is Sporty Butch. I feel like there is a hating wave currently going on though. A lot of the femmes I have met lately are not interested in butch. And trust me, I date ALL THE TIME. It’s out of control, but that’s another post. Anyway, here are the reasons why I love butch lesbians…

(By the way, I understand that I could be generalizing or exaggerating. But I am also listing my ideal Sporty Butch lesbian type.)

I love sporty butch lesbians because…

  1. They are confident with a bit of a cocky attitude
  2. They are chivalrous
  3. They don’t wear girly perfume, their cologne smells the best!
  4. They fuck the best! Come on.. The best…
  5. They don’t mind getting a little dirty outside, but they are metro-sexual otherwise

And I want to add that it doesn’t matter whether or not you have short hair as any type of butch! If you are confident and it shows, are personable in both small and large social crowds, and are in decent shape then you’re sexy!! 🙂


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