My ex-girlfriend Queen and I started playing Words With Friends after she sent me a game request about two weeks ago. That eventually led to our text messaging each other. And that led to me sextexting her which included not only my straight forwardness of “let’s have sex when you’re around next time”, but I sent her some sexy non-nude pictures also.

Queen is the first and only girl I have ever been in-love with. And with all my dating gone wrong, I have been thinking about her somewhat often lately. I miss her. I miss her smell, her smile, the way we just mold together when we cuddle, and the way she looks when she’s naked with her long hair is down (she rarely puts her hair out of a tight bun). Queen is butch and so fucking hot! I hope I am still the only girl to make her squirt. lol. 😉

I texted Queen last night and I told her I miss her. All she could say to everything I was saying was, “I’m sorry”. She said she is not ready to talk and that I was making her uncomfortable. I know Queen, and she misses me. Queen would not have sent me a game request if she didn’t. And I confronted her about that last night and she refused to answer. Queen got angry when I told her that I wouldn’t talk to her until she’s ready to talk. But then I told her to “stop” and that I want to be friends with her but she’s confusing me. I told her these are my boundaries and that I respect hers and I want her to respect mine. She said okay. I haven’t heard from her and I don’t expect to. I just hope I don’t drunk text or call her.


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