About two weeks ago I met this cute butch girl. I am just going to call her Mullet, because she has a short mullet. It almost didn’t even look like one because it was so short, but she identified that she had one before we officially met. We met online.

When we met in person it was at The Big E in West Springfield, MA. I love The Big E! Two of my friends were there. It was meant to be a casual meet up. It was such a fun night! We all had a blast. I was really wasted. I don’t remember a lot but we all had fun! We ended up going back my friend’s house after and that’s where I kissed Mullet. I had been holding her hand at The Big E, and doing heavy flirting.

She was about 5’7, strawberry blonde, looked like she’s been a butch woman her entire life. She wasn’t as hot as my ex-girlfriend Queen, but she had an amazing personality. Mullet is very personable and seems like she’d be fun to date. I invited her back to my place later that night we first met. She didn’t have sex, but there wasn’t any pressure. We were wicked drunk and she passed out before me. We did cuddle though. I liked cuddling with her.

We woke up at 7am the next day and just laid in bed and talked. She didn’t leave until around 10am. I didn’t hear from her as often as I thought I would afterward. It was really disappointing. I texted her and asked her about it. I mean, fucked it. I figured I had nothing else to loose, so why not confront her? She told me her dog was diagnosed with cancer. It make me feel selfish and I apologized to her.

I met her out at the bar this past Saturday with some of our friends. Her friends are lame. They were not into getting to know me or my friends whatsoever. It was just odd because I liked Mullet, and I thought she liked me. I don’t know but I thought her friends would’ve been nicer considering that. Anyway, I haven’t heard from her since then. It sucks.


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