I met somebody new off Tinder last night, her name is Tess. She’s 22.. I know, young. But she’s sporty butch and that’s what I need in my life right now.

We met at a restaurant down the street from me then went back to my place and had a pit fire. She ended up sleeping over and she totally made the first move, which was hot! Tess plays soccer and is a coach at the college she goes to. She lives in a dorm, ugh, I know. I will never visit her at the dorm, that I can tell you. She has an awesome body since she plays sports. I love that about sporty butch lesbians!

I was previously feeling kind of  hung up on the butch girl with the mullet, so having sex with Tess last night really helped. And it was pretty good too! The best I have had in a while anyway. Still not better than having sex with Queen but that could change. I feel that sometimes having sex with somebody for the first time can be awkward, because everything is new. That can be fun too though!

I felt an odd connection to Tess last night. I don’t know whether or not the wine had a part in this, but I really liked cuddling, making out, and just taking my time having sex with her last night. I think she felt it too. I know she thinks I’m hot and that turns me on even more. I got so much pleasure fingering her last night thinking about this, and just being completely in the moment. And she came pretty quickly, I like that too.

Thank you, Tess. You have set me free!


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