I am definitely a monogamous, all about being in relationships type of girl, but since I’ve been single I’ve been more open to the possibility of one night stands. I am single, so what!

Lately I have been considering the possibility of having an open relationship. Not necessarily with Tess but since I met her I’ve been thinking about her a lot. I do feel like I might have some kind of connection with her. Things don’t seem exactly right because of the age difference between us. We are just on completely separate paths in life right now. However, I really didn’t like having sex with her. And this could be a good opportunity to explore new horizons 🙂

Of course I’m not ready to have that conversation with her yet, but it’s something in the back of my mind. I have tons of friends who are in relationships that have open relationships. It works for them, maybe it could work for me to the right person. If I was to ever be in an open relationship I think it would only be a temporary one. I could not see myself having a long-term relationship in an open relationship.

Tess is young and she still has a lot of things left to experience in life. Hell, I still have a lot of things left to experience! But I would never want to hold somebody back from experiencing something new, and maybe discovering something that they may like better. When I was 22 I was still dating men, and I was in a relationship that was almost 6 years long. These are just some of the things that I’ve been thinking about since I met Tess a few days ago. I know I am such a lesbian thinking about relationships when we haven’t even had two dates yet! Lol.

BUT… I do believe this may be the best thing for Tess and I if we were to get into a relationship. I like her. She’s super cute! Sporty butch! Love it. And she appears pretty confident, I mean she made the first move the other night. We have been snapped chatting each other since we met, texting, and making plans for the next time we meet. I think this could be a really nice distraction for me, while I get my shit together and find my soulmate girl.

Comments? Suggestions? Insight?


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