I saw the butch girl with a mullet last weekend in Northampton. I was out drinking with my roommate Terri when I saw her. I had no intention of speaking to her. She really hurt my feelings when she just stopped talking to me. I liked her and I was interested in her. So how dare she!

The butch girl with a mullet came up to me at the bar and casually said, “hey, how’s it going?” Really? Like nothing happened. Like she never just ignored me for whatever unknown reason. So I called her out. I said, “you just stopped talking to me. You have a girlfriend, right?” She replied, “no, I don’t have a girlfriend. That wasn’t the reason”. After that is when my memory gets a little foggy. I don’t believe I pressed her for a further explanation though, and I don’t remember her telling me the actual reason she stopped talking to me. I think the conversation basically ended at that point.

Terri told me that next day that I acted “a little cray”. And oh boy, did I not remember things! Apparently the butch girl with a mullet texted me “hi” and I called her in response. However, when I called her my speech was pretty much gibberish. Terri said that I did tell her to come over. Of course she didn’t but good thing because I do remember throwing up when I got home. I texted her the next day and apologized for my behavior, and told her honestly that my feelings were hurt when she didn’t want to talk anymore. No response. No surprise. I will never engage in conversation with her ever again.

Fuck you, you really cute super butch girl who Terri thought was really a guy. Fuck you for never at least having sex with me because I really needed the touch of a butch girl more than ever. And fuck you because now you’ll never experience me going down on you! Ugh, I love going down on butch girls!!

Fuck you!


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