So the other week I met this girl, I’ll call her May. At a birds eye view she is my type. May is sporty butch, coaches for a college in the area, and owns her own house. However, May could not have been more emotionally unavailable.

May was in the process of divorce from her wife of 4 years, together 7 years. May’s wife initiated this. Whatever. May is also a gold star lesbian.

I saw May every other day for almost one week after we first met. We did dinner, drinks, smoked some weed together, and made out (kissing, no sex). I didn’t necessarily see her as long term relationship potential, but we were hanging out a lot for people who just met. Lesbians, go figure.

May sent me a text one day and told me she just wanted to “be friends”. I told her I wasn’t looking for friends. We had met online on a dating site, and I told her my intentions on dating were clear on my profile – that I want a relationship! And I am not interested in wasting my time with somebody who is not. Yes, she obviously wasn’t looking for that to begin with. I need to check myself, seriously!

Lesson #1 : If you’re looking for a relationship, do not date recently divorced lesbians.


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