I feel that it is too easy to do too much too soon when dating. Lesbians are notorious for this, and it’s beginning to feel like a curse!

I seriously need to switch up my dating style, especially if what I’m looking for is a long term relationship. I feel like I have been giving the women I’ve been dating entirely too much too soon. Now, I do have to mention I am not opposed to flings with certain women. But the other women that I have been meeting that I am interested in, and I see potential for a relationship, are just not working out in the end!

This is my 30 day lesbian dating challenge for the next woman I meet who I feel a connection with (aka potential for relationship). Within a 30 day period, I vow not to do the following:

1. Have sex
2. Let them see me naked
3. Have a “bar date”
4. Drink more than 3 alcoholic drinks while on a date

So you see my major issues here. Sex and alcohol. I feel like I am sabotaging any potential relationship dating so recklessly. I am putting myself in check right now! Do you need to check yourself too?


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