It is no secret that I am unlucky in love. I date often and very rarely do I see somebody for a second time.

A few weeks ago I met a doctor lesbian. I don’t mean medical doctor, she actually has her PhD in psychiatry, or something like that. We had dinner at a sushi restaurant in Northampton. We drank, of course, and had really nice conversation. After our date I met up with another date for drinks, but decided to meet up with the doctor after those drinks for more drinks.

The doctor was a little shorter than I am, but most women are because I’m tall. She was about 5’4, short half shaved brown hair, average build, wears glasses, nice smile and teeth, and had a pretty charming personality. But don’t they all have a seemingly charming personality at first.. At least when you’re drinking. I really need to stop that!

We basically bar hopped throughout the night. The doctor was funny and we had a lot in common as far as being liberals. She interacted well with others as do I, especially when I’m drinking. We ended up going back to my place and made out. By “made out” I mean pretty much everything but sex. Although I did let her go down on me for a minutes, but I had my period so I kept a tampon in. Anyway I don’t consider what we did sex.

The doctor had her roommate pick her up almost immediately after we got to my place. I told her she could sleep over and that I take her home in the morning. Thinking back on it now I wish I just never saw her for more drinks after my second date of the night. I feel like I sabotaged any potential relationship there.

When will I get it together?!


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