My time talking to the doctor ended up being just shy of one week. At all came to an end one long fun and drunk night last weekend.

I started my night on a date with a girl who was clearly not my type. She ended up getting wasted and we ended up hanging out with an ex coworker of mine. The three of us had a blast out in Northampton!

I had briefly spoken to the doctor before the night began, and we talked about the possibility of meeting up at some point during the night. Me and my friends went to a bar where the doctor and I had been before. I say friends because my “date” was better off that way, and I still consider her a friend today. I ran into a bar buddy that told me that she saw the doctor earlier that night and the doctor was a wasted. I have been trying to get a hold of the doctor and her phone just kept going to voicemail. I assumes her phone died as it had done before when we were hanging out. And just as I was about to give up calling her the phone rang and somebody picked up. I was under the impression that it was her roommate but I don’t know that for a fact. Whoever it was invited me and my friends over to the house, and of course we went.

When we got to the house me and my ex coworker went in but the other friend stayed in the car because she was too wasted. Me and my ex coworker both use the bathroom, and the doctor was nowhere to be found. I did meet the doctor’s roommate once before but it was very brief. And I was drunk that night so I’m not sure if who I even saw in person was the actual roommate. Anyway, so I asked this girl where the doctor was and that I wanted to say hi.. Since I was in her apartment, is that creepy of me? The girl said to me, “Look, you seem like a nice girl and I’m going to be honest with you. She knows that you’re here and she doesn’t care, she’s having sex with somebody right now”.

So me and my ex coworker left the house, and I sent a text message to the doctor simply saying, “Don’t ever contact me again”. The doctor replied the next morning and said, “I heard that you were at my apartment last night. I was really drunk last night. I don’t know what’s going on, but I will respect your wishes and not contact you anymore”. I was livid. She is really trying to play off that she doesn’t know what’s going on. So I tried calling her, once, and honestly I was going to bitch her the fuck out. She didn’t pick up, which I’m not surprised about. So I just sent her a text message back and said, “That’s BS you know exactly what’s going on”. No reply from her and I never sent her anything more.

I liked the doctor. This whole event really hurt my feelings. But I feel that it’s also put me in check, because I do need to change my dating style. All these women that I am meeting look so good on paper, but they end up being either not over their exes or recently out of a relationship, or they’re just fucking jerks!


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