Sex and Relationships During Stressful Times

Pleazure Seekers

“It was the best of times… NO… It was the worst of times”.

Keeping your relationship sexy and strong can be challenging during the best of times. Kids, work, day-to-day life – things get busy and relationships suffer. But what about during particularly tough periods? How do you keep things on the rails?

We’ve have had a tough fall. Not to get into the details, but I have a sports injury that has had a complicated recovery, meaning almost 6 weeks of me bing in a lot of pain and not super useful around the house (or the bedroom). Our oldest daughter recently broke her arm. While she is being much tougher with her injury than I am with mine, it still means she need s a lot of extra care.

All this to say… not a great fall. I’m near useless around the house and my wife is doing…

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